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So I'm hopefully picking up a z125 tomorrow but just wanted to clarify some things before I go to see it. The current owner has been fair and honest with me so far, but one thing did sketch me out. He said that ever since he installed a Bazzaz tuner/auto tuner the engine light has been on and it just needs to be taken to Kawasaki to be cleared, but he lives pretty far from the nearest shop and never got around to it.

I looked at few posts related to the issue and it sounds pretty common with the Bazzaz, but from what I saw most people's engine lights were eventually going away as they rode the bike. So I guess I'm wondering what you guys think or if there's anything else aside from the obvious that I should look for. Maybe he just hasn't ridden the bike enough since it got installed? I think he said he put it in at around 500 miles and it's at 600 now.
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