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I am in the market for a hotter than stock coil.

I was thinking about this option as well, but the tuner i am looking at is the Power commander V. This tuner has timing adjustment built into the tuner so the coil adjustability won’t work with this configuration. So i will be getting the Nology coil with this tuner. https://www.steadygarage.com/store/...rk-plug-wire-kit-honda-grom-125-kawasaki-z125

If you have a Bazzaz tuner then the adjustment of the timing will be beneficial to make the tuner similar to the Power Commander V tuner., also if you are running stock EFI tuning then the timing adjustment of the coil your interested in will work.

I would think if you have a tuner this item will boost your performance, but if you do not have a tuner the timing advance might hurt your motor because it can not add enough fuel to meet the air fuel ratio needed with the timing advanced.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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