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Hey All,

I went to the gas station to put some air in my tires, and quickly realized that the clearance between the stock valve stems and the wheel is extremely tight, so I had to bend the stem out as much as I could to get the nozzle on. Not easy.

I started looking around for a 90 degree adapter to solve this issue. It looks like there are full replacement stems as one option, but I'd rather not have to take the tire off to install something like that. I found some that appear to just screw onto the stock valve stem, but are they secure? Would they throw off the balance of the wheel?

What have people here done? This appears to be a full replacement:

Bike Master 90 Degree Valve Stems - RevZilla

Then there's something like this that appears to screw onto the existing stem:



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I would buy the 90 replacement ones
because sooner or later you will have new tires installed then you can have them put in

then for now use whatever you can to get air in them just install them to add air, then take off
because you don't want something to come off when riding or worse cause the tire to deflate if its defective

since you only have 2 wheels on the ground its not as forgiving as in a car
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