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Z125 Specifications are finally out in full, following its debut. While seeing the list is great, anyone familiar with the segment which the Honda Grom has been shaking up since its release won’t be in for much of a surprise. Fortunately, manual is available.

When Kawasaki debuted the Z125 baby-bike we all knew they had taken aim square at Hondas Grom/MSX125. The specs are surprisingly similar as well.

Both use an air-cooled single cylinder, both offer a 4 speed manual (and an automatic in the Z125s case)and they're both even about the same size (the Kawasaki .6 inches taller in the seat)


Displacement: 125 cc
Maximum Power: 9.4 BHP
Engine Description: Single cylinder, SOHC 2 Valve, Air Cooled engine
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
Bore: 56.0 mm
Stroke: 50.6 mm


Gearbox: 4-speed Automatic transmission or 4-speed Manual


Front Brake: 200mm Disc
Rear Brake: 184mm Disc


Front Suspension: Upside Down Forks
Rear Suspension: Mono-shock


Front Tyre: 100/90 12
Rear Tyre: 120/70 12
Front Wheel: 12-inch
Rear Wheel: 12-inch


Overall Length: 1700 mm
Overall Width: 740 mm
Overall Height: 1005 mm
Kerb/Wet Weight: 101 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.4L

Test Ride by OverRide

Positive feedback on acceleration, suspension, cornering, ergonomics amount to some of what Thai Publication, OverRide Magazine had to report back on their test ride.

Thai Magazine OverRide spent some time with a crowd of Z125's, what did they think, we don't know! Want pics though?

Some highlights from the rather poetic translation. Overall comfort is good, especially for your legs. The suspension sounds dialed in, offering good control and precision. Overall they call it a fun ride with satisfying acceleration

Demo Events in Asia

As you've already noticed by now, Thailand has been the first to get Z125's, joining OverRide's first drive is the follow coverage from demo events:

Kawasaki is starting them in SE Asia, these are from Thailand

More pictures of the z125 in Thailand at the Chang International Circuit this time.

Pictures & Videos

Just about all you need to see aside from cutaway's can be found below, in all available colors, angles, along an official promotional video where you'll get a glimpse of the instrument cluster.

I just found this promotional video while Googling and it's an interesting concept. Had a good view of the gauge cluster in the dark. Are the 3 green and 1 yellow lit up triangles on the right the fuel gauge?

One day I'd like to make tight turns like those.


Unfortunately Europe won't be getting Z125's, no word yet on the status of other markets. Stay tuned for updates.

Visordown is saying that Kawasaki will not be offering the Z125 in Europe... what does that mean for NA?

All new small-capacity Kawasaki coming for 2016

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How long does it take for a new bike to make it's way to other markets? Will we hear about NA availability of lack thereof in the next year or so?
The CBR300 was only built in Thailand which I believe took about a couple months to hit U.S. soil, which seems to be the right amount of time when you factor in logistics, customs processing, paperwork, etc.

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So we could be hearing about it next year. If it does come onto NA soil after a few months, it'll be just in time for riding season.
Think they're still advertising the Z125 in Thailand after the launch.
Ultimately that sort of timeline is what they'll want to follow, too bad there's nothing out there for us to base that off of currently.

Yamaha was shown to be coming out with a rival, if that comes to market sooner, it might what I go for instead.
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