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Hey all,

I had been looking at small 125 sport bikes for awhile. I started riding at a young age, my grandfather bought my brothers and I a Honda Trail 90. It was goofing looking, but it was a blast to ride. In high school I fixed up my uncle's old Kawasaki 125 Endure. I burnt oil and spit black smoke out the exhaust, but it was also a blast to ride in high school. After school I joined the Army and fell away from riding. I was goofing around on Craigslist and thought it might be fun to get ahold of one of the old Honda trail 90's like my grandfather had for us. There were actually quite a few of the out there. After looking into it, I decided not to get one. They are fine to ride, but they are old, and I am not as mechanically inclined as I wish I were. While looking I heard about the new trend of 125 bikes, the From, the Z 125, and the Kymco K-pipe. I was originally thinking of the K-pipe, but I read some reviews and did some research and found that the two most liked by reviewers were the From and the Z-125. I wasn't seriously looking, just kind of keeping my eye out for one. Then I saw an add for a 2017 model discounted to $2499. That was the best price I'd seen. I assume they were discounted to make room for the 2018 models which are already coming out if not out there already. Then I noticed that there is an additional $250 off for a military discount. I am still in the Air National Guard out here in Washington so this brought the price of the bike down to $2249.99. I had already read about the fee's associated with a new bike, but nothing well versed in the mechanical aspect of how to evaluate a used bike, I thought a new one under warranty was the best way to go for me. This way I can learn and still be covered by the warranty. So I set up a time and picked up the Z125 I am sitting on in my profile picture. All in all I paid $3200 out the door. I bet there are people who have done better, but I feel like I did pretty well. It has been a blast so far. It reminds me of riding the old 1973 Kawasaki I had in high school. I also bought a steel motorcycle carrier that attaches to the trailer hitch on the back of my truck. It has a small ramp to get it up there, then strap it down, should I need to move the bike long distances, like if I were to take it back to Montana on a trip or something. Does anyone have any experience with these? I assembled it and put the bike on it, but I haven't driven around with it on the back yet. I am also interested in a cold air intake and perhaps an aftermarket exhaust, I'm also interested in what others think are some good upgrades. I'm not all that concerned with going fast, just having a reliable well performing bike. I am an intelligent guy, but I'm not sure if some of these upgrades are outside my mechanical capability. Anyway that was a long introduction. I'm looking forward to getting people ideas and thoughts for this new hobby.


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