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anyone here have PCV5 maps for 177cc? I'm also going to install a Z300 injector. What are the target AFR that I should be "Auto Tuning" to? What are the normal operating temperatures that I should expect with this kit? Any help or advice is appreciated. Pictures to come shortly after build is complete.

PCV5 w/Auto Tune
Wide Band O2 exhaust sensor
165cc BBK
55cc Stroker Crank
Chimera Cold Air Intake
Two Brothers Tarmac Exhaust
Lightened Primary
HD Clutch
High Flow Oil Pump
Morin Oil Cooler
Trail Tech Temp Gauge
Iridium Spark Plug
DID Timing Chain

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Set your trims to max +/- 20% constraint. Make sure your tps is calibrated in the dynojet software first thing. If it changes later you get to start over.

I'd try 13.5 and see what it does. Give it a really good hard 10 minute ride, make sure you go through the entire throttle range and spend a bit of time a WOT. When you're back, accept all trims. Let it cool down and repeat at least twice more.

Save that map and now try 13.0. There should be a noticeable difference better or worse. Same thing, do a few 10 minute rides and save the map. Don't overwrite your maps. Just label them and save.

If 13.0 is better (or you can't tell the difference) try a 12.5. If it's worse, try 13.9. Wash, rinse repeat.

From here on out you're splitting the difference. If 13.5 was the best try 13.3. If that's no good try 13.7. Be careful if you get to 14 and over, that's where the danger zone is. First indicator would be white soot on the pipe.

It's kind of a pain with all the repetition. But you can get a really decent map in a day if you buckle down and go through the motions. If you're doing it on different days make sure the weather is similar. Doing some testing on a dry day and some testing on a wet day is NFG.
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