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155cc BBK fuel mapping.

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Looking for some input here. I have installed the 155cc BBK, power commander 6 and the at-200 auto tune. I'm setting up the target fuel numbers. What kind of afr should be set at 0% throttle? I am going to start at 13.4 for everywhere else.
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So I spoke with the guy who is going to be tuning my bike in the next little while. I have set the target afr to 13.2 for everywhere but 0% throttle. I added 15% fuel to the whole map above 0% throttle and it runs well enough to shake it down around the block to make sure everything is good to go for the dyno in a couple weeks.
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So today was dyno day. Not all good but its still in one piece. We learned that the Power Commander 6 maxes out at 15% fuel correction, this is because of the cali emissions regulations that it now follows. I have ordered a Ninja 300 fuel injector and am heading back after i install it.
You can see how lean it gets after about 6000rpm
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