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Searched around on a link MrEvilpirate just posted and found a lot of good stuff :wink2:
... This bike performance chip takes off the barriers employed by the ECU on the fuel injection settings. By tricking the 02 Sensor signal.
(Sounds like another MrEvilpirate EFIE Device or unplugging the 02 sensor type tricks)
... Gain 10% additional horsepower,
(Sounds like the 10% safety default the stock ECU has to run richer)
... No CEL codes triggered
... No PC connection, setup or programming required
... This performance chip does not work with aftermarket catbacks.
... Performance Chip is not resistor. Oxygen sensor voltage signal cannot be fooled with a resistor.
So, looks like another way to avoid running lean when adding a Intake & Exhaust for under $100 ???

Also / Motorcycle Oxygen O2 Sensor Simulator
Also / EZ CEL FIX Motorcycle Oxygen Sensor Simulator
Also / Motorcycle AFR Gauge Narrowband
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