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  1. New Members Introduction
    Whilst the XSR was AMAZING under the right conditions, this Metallic Matt Mysterious Gray Z125 Pro is just FUN IN EVERY SITUATION!! I won't deny that I had my reservations. I was looking to buy a Grom to ride alongside my son who owns a Ruckus. However, the lad at the dealership reminded me...
  2. Engines Discussions
    Hey y’all, so I recently ordered a PCV, came in the mail this past Friday. I opened the box and noticed it didn’t come with an o2 simulator. I just got off the phone with Dynojet themselves, and from what they told me they don’t send an o2 simulator with it. At least not anymore. That they...
  3. Engines Discussions
    hey y’all, so I just recently ordered a bazzaz fuel controller for my z125 pro; which just arrived yesterday. However I have a little bit of confusion, and was hoping to get some helpful answers. From all the videos I’ve watched, the Bazzaz comes with an in-line o2 stabilizer which connects to...
  4. Parts and Gear for sale
    Power commander V & Autotune for sale Both mint condition barely used was on the bike over the winter just took em off, sold the bike. $350 for both, awesome price
  5. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    I’ve been searching for a z125 pro for a bit now and I found one that has 6000 miles on it. I know that is a lot but will it last. What problems have you guys had around this mileage area?
1-5 of 5 Results