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  1. Engines Discussions
    So this is going to sound dumb, I’ve had a black 2017 for almost a year now (1800 miles). Just picked up a silver 2017 ( a little over 5k miles) with some simple aftermarket parts on it, exhaust, 12 bar/ cosmetic stunt parts. The issue is, first off the clutch was completely toasted. Replaced it...
  2. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    IRC Quickshifter I’ve been super interested in this product since I first discovered it:LOL: Has anyone installed it on their Z? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    I bought a used 2018 and the front light had been replaced by a column of 4 small LED lights held together by chromoly brackets. And the wiring was rigged a certain way to do not run one of the LEDs on the constant hot. I rewired the other 3 to turn on with the high beam switch. I went out for a...
  4. Engines Discussions
    Hey everyone! So, at the start of the year (around March 2020), I spent a gooooood lil bit of change on baby Z and got fuel system flushed, spark plugs changed, new ignition switch, new battery, as well as a new stator and rectifier. I had the bike back for 2 weeks when, one morning, I was on...
  5. Engines Discussions
    Hi guys, I'm new here, but I've owned my z for about a year. I CANNOT find answers online anywhere for what I'm experiencing. My clutch lever has wayyy to much play, and wont engage the clutch fully. I have adjusted both up top and below to try and take out the slack, but nothings working. It's...
  6. Engines Discussions
    Hi everyone, Recently I was taking my 2017 z125 pro for a ride and everything was going great for about 20 mins until everything just went wrong. My rpm gauge was going crazy, check engine light going on and off, battery light on and off, my speedometer kept changing speeds +/- 20 km/h or...
1-7 of 7 Results