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  1. Engines Discussions
    I've got chocolate milk in my crankcase! Can't chase down why but it was only recently I've noticed it. Any pointers?
  2. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    One of our bikes (2018 Z125) quit running mid ride with no warning. The check engine light is now on but we can’t seem to get the diagnostic cable to work (the previous owner installed under glow that we believe may have messed with the diagnostic cable, he ran all the cords together). The...
  3. Engines Discussions
    Hi everybody, my new bike is Z125 Pro 2016( Australia version ), I found that after I released accelerator, the RPM will keep for about half to one sec and then drop slowly. Is it a issue with engine or something wrong with cables?
  4. Engines Discussions
    Hi everyone, Recently I was taking my 2017 z125 pro for a ride and everything was going great for about 20 mins until everything just went wrong. My rpm gauge was going crazy, check engine light going on and off, battery light on and off, my speedometer kept changing speeds +/- 20 km/h or...
  5. Engines Discussions
    I was just wondering if I should be concerned or not. I have a filter Only where the hose usually goes. I haven’t really noticed it leaking oil until yesterday it wasn’t an absurd amount but it was enough to see it coming through the filter. Yesterday was about 90 degrees. Is this okay? I tried...
1-5 of 5 Results