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  1. Engines Discussions
    I've got chocolate milk in my crankcase! Can't chase down why but it was only recently I've noticed it. Any pointers?
  2. Engines Discussions
    I bought my z in September, it is a 2021 and has 1800 miles on it. I changed the oil first at 600 miles (no problems) and again just a couple days ago. Thinking the change went well, I rode the bike for about an hour through slow traffic in town and had no issues. I decided to head out on a...
  3. Engines Discussions
    Hey everyone! So, at the start of the year (around March 2020), I spent a gooooood lil bit of change on baby Z and got fuel system flushed, spark plugs changed, new ignition switch, new battery, as well as a new stator and rectifier. I had the bike back for 2 weeks when, one morning, I was on...
1-3 of 3 Results