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  1. Electronics
    I just bought the perfect stranger complete rear handbrake kit and I don't think my protapers will have enough room for my clutch and handbrake with the turn signal controller there. Any suggestions on the best way to relocate it? I'm not handy enough to splice wires and install an ebay slim...
  2. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    I bought a used 2018 and the front light had been replaced by a column of 4 small LED lights held together by chromoly brackets. And the wiring was rigged a certain way to do not run one of the LEDs on the constant hot. I rewired the other 3 to turn on with the high beam switch. I went out for a...
  3. Electronics
    I got this bike about a month ago and all it’s been is trouble. When I first it it started right up with a bump start, then I changed some things with the ignition and it stoped working. Got it started finally and then the fuel hose popped off while riding. After fixing that I have had no luck...
1-3 of 3 Results