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  1. Kawasaki Z125 General Discussion
    Hi all, my z125 pro started dying on idle last week. I am living in a small town near Hong Kong and my dealer said they haven't received any message from kawasaki about replacing the ecu for free, so i am going to buy a new ecu from the internet and replace it by myself. Does it work? Anything...
  2. Exhaust Systems
    just bought a new aftermarket exhaust. do I need to reset ecu
  3. Want to Buy
  4. Engines Discussions
    I need clarification on a basic concept with a 143cc build. With the purchase of the BBK , an ARacer ECU, intake, tires, chain etc I didn't want to spend another $250-300.00 so I didn't purchase the AFI / o2 sensor. I was planning on getting it on a local Dyno for the tune. My confusion is...
1-4 of 4 Results